Guide to Checking Travel Bags

Let’s admit this; a lot of us think checking baggage is the ultimate travel solution. It’s not as straightforward as it looks. Anyone who has faced the misery of having reached their destination without their luggage knows exactly what a terrible experience this can possibly be.

On many days, it is simply sheer bad luck. However, on others it can be traced back to some mistakes on your part once you check-in your luggage. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are checking travel bags.


This is often taken for granted by many travelers. If one airline is generous with it, the other should be following their footprints. This is seldom the case. All airlines may have very different rules when it comes to checked baggage. There is mostly only one thing common among each of them; airlines are not very generous when it comes to luggage that you check-in.

To avoid putting yourself in any awkward situation, you must read the fine print about the airline policies towards the luggage. This should be done when you book your ticket with the airline. Little can be done once you arrive at the airport, oblivious of what the airline is going to charge you of.


Under very rare cases are airlines going to accept the blame for lost luggage or misplaced items. You’re most likely to take responsibility of the mishap at the end. For this reason, it is very important to protect your luggage under all conditions.

There are several ways of getting this done. Firstly, you must avoid packing any valuables in your bags. Anything that you’d be sorry to lose should be kept near you in a carry-on. This is where it is likely to be the safest. Valuable items just as jewelry and cash must never be put in your luggage.

Even if there are no such items in your baggage, everything you have packed is important to you because you’d need it more often. For this reason, you must purchase a travel lock that is approved by TSA. Apart from being safer, these are also helpful when your luggage is being examined at the airport. Locks that can’t be opened through the standard ways are often broken and might damage your personal belongings.


While you’re waiting at the baggage carousel, anxiously waiting to get done, you often end up picking up bags that aren’t yours. Not your fault when most of them look just the same. The majority of travelers tend to pick black and blue luggage bags that look almost identical. This is one of the top reasons for your luggage getting misplaced.

Before your next trip, get more creative and make your luggage more personalized. If you have to purchase new ones, opt for a unique color. If you’re good with the existing ones, add a ribbon or anything else that makes your baggage look more personal.