List of Character Traits for Adventure Travelling

One aspect of traveling that will always remain a constant is that the road you choose will always challenge you. That’s just part of the journey my friend. And if you aren’t tough, it will eat you up. I’m not talking about being physically tough. All the exercise in the world doesn’t combat mental challenges you may face while traveling. I am talking about character toughness. The ability of being able to turn negatives into positives. The ability of being able to move forward through the tough times you’ll face in order to reach your final destination. The ability to welcome adverse conditions along the way and grow from them. This list of character traits will help you reach your goals when the gear you packed just isn’t enough.

Accept Criticism

Life is full of critics. There’s never a shortage of people saying you can’t do that and here’s why. For one reason or another, someone will always find a reason to project their insecurities, negativity, and fears onto you and your life. Being able to accept that criticism in a positive way will help you grow as a person and plan for situations you may not have otherwise seen on your own.

Be Humble

Humble people don’t think they are owed things, which leads to a less prejudiced view of the world. This also encourages tolerance to others and a less defensive view about your own beliefs. Having a character trait like this will definitely help you absorb as much as possible of the world around you while on the road. And after all, that’s what traveling is all about.

Be Patient

“Patience is a virtue” is an old cliche that’s be around for a long time and for good reason. The older I get the more I’m coming to understand the value of patience. Things don’t go according to plan. Life itself seems to always be in the way. Stuff just happens. It’s amazing how a little patience can have a calming effect on a stressful situation. Try not to swim against the tide but rather have patience and wait for the tide to turn.

Trust Yourself

Self doubt can have one of the most crippling effects on any adventure. It leads to paranoia, insecurity and gets in the way of making clear and decisive decisions. Being able to trust yourself will give you the confidence needed to commit to your plans and push through difficult situations that will inevitably arise. Without having trust in yourself you may become deterred from reaching your destination. Or even worse heading off on your travels in the first place.

Expect Less

This may seem counter counterintuitive because “I want to travel the world!” seems like a lot to expect from life. But in reality expecting less can lead to gaining more. The world around you doesn’t care what you expect from it. It moves along with or without you. If you’re always focused on getting out what you expect from life, you can miss all the valuable opportunities and experiences that are given freely everyday. Just try to sit back and enjoy the ride, take in what life gives you and you won’t be disappointed.